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Yellow Business Expansion Investment One Page Summary Report Document

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Communicate complicated topics in the beauty of a cleanly designed single page.

Make your next internal document a hit with a one-pager template layout that is designed with confidence. Our collection features eye-catching, easy-to-read designs that are perfect for internal communications, official reports, and more.

Our collection of templates includes layouts for numerous uses.

One Pager Layouts for Financial Planning

Glance at your portfolio with ease with a one-pager template that puts everything in its place. With the power of this template, you can cleanly organize topics such as:

  • Net worth history
  • Cash flow summaries
  • Investment portfolio assets
  • And more.

Whether you like to visualize your assets or want to make adjustments with a spouse or partner, glanceability is key. Use a one pager design that highlights your finances, and budgeting or milestone planning becomes a breeze

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One Pager Layouts for Human Resources

Give your employees the gift of easy-to-understand benefits. Company one pager layouts specifically designed for HR make this complex topic digestible.

Provide an overview of insurance benefits. Or clearly communicate topics like PTO and employee leaves. With the right template, your HR team will feel empowered to help employees.

One Pager Layouts for Investor Opportunities

Woo angels with an inside view of the health of your business. With a 1 pager template that outlines anything from your company overview to its financial history, specificity is possible. This way, you can confidently help your investors understand exactly why they should invest in your business plan.

You can even lay out earnings projections, package complex quantitative information, and show growth potential with ease.

One Pager Layouts for Marketing and Sales Activities

Your marketing or sales team knows exactly what they can do to be successful. Guide the rest of your team members as they understand this nuanced expertise. With the right marketing one pager design, you can help bottle some of your outbound team’s magic.

Campaign launches, product sheets, and more are made simpler when the entire company understands what is on the table. Everything from a new product or service to details about your target audience becomes that much simpler to understand.

One Pager Layouts for Project Plans

Bring your teams together with documentation that helps drive informed decision-making. Everything from objectives, scope, stakeholders, and more can be clearly outlined and documented.

With a project planning template, your next team-wide project is sure to go smoothly. We even have templates for recurring projects, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time a new cycle starts.

More Templates to Discover

Infografolio’s template design offerings don’t stop at our one page template collection. We also offer plenty of high-quality templates to make your next presentation, infographic, and more confident and dynamic. Discover our easy-to-use templates for yourself.

Put your best foot forward with your documentation. Trust in Infografolio’s competitively priced and expertly crafted templates for all of your documentation needs.