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Flywheel Diagram Slide Infographic Template

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Break through the bar chart blues. Let go of line graphs. In presentation materials, nothing quite dazzles like a flywheel slide.

Discover Infografolio’s beautifully designed and surprisingly easy-to-use flywheel diagrams. These layouts are sure to add some visual flair and a professional aesthetic to any slide deck or presentation.

Expertly Designed Templates

Our flywheel diagrams are anything but cookie cutter. They were crafted by talented designers who know that good design is everything in communications. Our collection is broad and allows you to translate just the right information in just the right way.

Showcase Every Baton Pass

With a custom flywheel template, you can outline steps in a process. Or highlight project milestones. Even the most complicated workflow can be made glanceable and immediately understandable with our customizable templates.

And thanks to our smart design, these customizable templates are exactly as promised. Change simple elements like labels to foundational elements like scale, palate, and more. Nearly every aspect of your custom flywheel graphic is yours to make your own.

Compare the Competition

A flywheel diagram is also a great way to contrast disparate elements like competitors, outside industries, and more. Simply plug your variables into the flywheel graphic, customize everything from color to line length, and boom. You’ve got yourself a flywheel design unlike anything else.

Give Your Plans Panache

Even the densest and most complicated project launch or campaign can be made engaging with a custom flywheel slide. Whether you have lots of milestones or simply a long runway, your audience will love seeing how it all lays out.

And thanks to our expertly designed layouts, your slide deck will be given a touch of aesthetic elegance. No design degree required!

Bring It All Together

Your company’s teams and offerings represent pieces in a puzzle. With a flywheel graph, you can show how it all comes together for investors, the board, and others.

Display how disparate parts of your operation form a larger whole. Outline your company’s team structure and area of expertise. Or diagram different service offerings that are available simultaneously. With customizable templates that are easily editable and scalable, you can translate your company’s complexity with ease.

More Design Templates to Love

We don’t just deal in custom flywheel diagrams, though. At Infografolio, we love empowering teams and SBOs with design assets and tools they can truly rely on.

We collect all of the disparate layouts, templates, and slide styles you need. These and more will help transform your materials into winning assets. Make your next pitch deck, one pager, executive summary, and more something to behold.

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