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Roadmap Slide Infographic Template

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A roadmap is a powerful part of strategic planning. With a roadmap, project teams or companies can quickly provide a visual representation of exactly what a project or initiative seeks to accomplish. Roadmaps are used every day to keep internal teams focused, engage with customers, and keep leadership or stakeholders looped in on organizational goals, plans, or results. Adding in a roadmap infographic to a presentation, document, or brochure ensures that your audience will be able to easily grasp the key points and takeaways. As effective as roadmaps can be in business, they aren’t always easy to produce. However, with our roadmap templates, you won’t have to worry. 

We have a full collection of streamlined roadmap PowerPoint templates that take all of the stress and guesswork out of the equation. With any template from this collection, you’ll be able to generate a stunning roadmap that’s sure to impress anyone. Take a look at our extensive collection of roadmap PowerPoint templates below to find a template that will work for you. 

About Infografolio’s Roadmap Infographic Templates
In our collection of roadmap PowerPoint templates, you’ll find plenty of features and elements included for your ease and enjoyment. Here are just a few of things you can expect to find with our roadmap PowerPoint templates.

  • Visually Compelling: As a visual representation of strategy, it’s crucial for roadmaps to be visually compelling. This is why each of our roadmap infographics are designed with visual appeal in mind. We’ve created a collection full of infographics that are modern, dynamic, and bold in order to immediately grab the attention of your audience.

  • Customizable: For a roadmap infographic to be truly great, it’ll need to match your exact vision. All of our roadmap infographic templates can be fully customized, from fonts and colors to design and layout. You’ll be able to tailor any of these infographics to your preferences and needs.

  • Multi-Platform Compatible: No matter how you’d like to present your roadmap infographic, we have you covered. Our roadmap PowerPoint templates aren’t just compatible with PowerPoint, but can also be accessed in Keynote or Google Slides.  

Featured Roadmap PowerPoint Templates

With over 40 options, you can’t go wrong with any of our roadmap templates. However, these are just a few of our most popular roadmap PowerPoint templates.

  1. Roadmap Slide Infographic Template
    With this template, you’ll be able to simulate an actual road for your presentation. Describe how a project will be completed or detail the future vision for the year with this whimsical roadmap PowerPoint template.

  2. Roadmap Slide Infographic Template
    If you’d like to focus your audience on complex data or figures, then try this roadmap PowerPoint template. The colorful data points give you an easy way to convey your critical statistics. 

  3. Roadmap Slide Infographic Template
    Walk your audience through major steps or milestones with this attractive and effective roadmap PowerPoint template. The striking arrow graphics provide an effortless flow from point to point for ease of viewing. 

  4. Roadmap Slide Infographic Template
    This roadmap PowerPoint template is perfect for explaining key steps or phases for your organization or one of its projects. In this template, the road design moves into the background for a unique and modern take on the classic idea of a roadmap. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a roadmap?
    A roadmap is a type of strategic planning document that visually details how a team or organization will reach their goal. A roadmap usually provides a high-level view of the major milestones or checkpoints that will be achieved along the way. 
  2. What’s the difference between a roadmap and a plan?
    Traditionally, a plan is much more detailed than a roadmap and will look similar to an annual report or business proposal. A roadmap seeks to highlight the main events that will happen throughout the project or initiative, while a plan goes into extensive detail on the required work, resources, staff time, etc. 
  3. Is a roadmap the same as a timeline?
    A roadmap and a timeline are slightly different documents. Although both can be presented visually, a timeline displays information in chronological order, usually with exact times and deadlines or is oriented around specific events and times. A roadmap, however, does not necessarily need to include firm dates or even be time-oriented. 
  4. When should you use a roadmap?
    Roadmaps are most commonly used as helpful tools in product management to communicate how a new product will be updated, modified, or released. However, roadmaps can be used in virtually any area of business. For example, you can use a roadmap as part of a strategic planning presentation or a visual component to a marketing plan or a project proposal. Essentially, you can use a roadmap in any instance that you would like to visually display your strategy. 
  5. What are the different types of roadmaps?
    There are innumerous types of roadmaps that can be created or utilized. A few common types include: Customer-focused roadmaps, delivery-focused roadmaps, leadership roadmaps, and business roadmaps. A customer-focused roadmap is designed to illustrate your vision to a specific customer base in order to gather feedback or inform. A delivery-focused roadmap is often circulated internally to keep the project team on track with their work and milestones. However, a leadership roadmap is used to inform senior leadership or critical stakeholders on what they can expect from the project or company. Finally, a business roadmap expresses the overarching vision and direction of a team or company.
  6. How do you design a roadmap in PowerPoint?  The easiest way to design a roadmap in PowerPoint is to use a roadmap PowerPoint templates. With free roadmap templates like ours, you won’t have to fuss over building a roadmap from scratch in PowerPoint. Instead, you’ll be ready to build a roadmap in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides.

    Roadmaps are effective ways to illustrate your point and engage with your audience. However, constructing a roadmap infographic can be time-consuming and frustrating. With a free 7-day trial with Infografolio, you’ll have full access to our complete collection of roadmap PowerPoint templates and the rest of our infographics library. So why wait? Begin your trial today! 

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