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Blue Light Green Clean and Simple Presentation Pitch Deck Template

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Presenting to potential investors and clients is a high-pressure and high-stakes venture. Not only is it hard to decide how to pitch, but what to include in the pitch deck itself. Luckily, a sophisticated pitch deck template can solve that problem. With our templates, you’ll have a stunning pitch deck that you can finish in seconds, leaving you free to focus on the pitch itself.

With the Blue Light Green Clean and Simple Presentation Pitch Deck template, you’ll be able to construct a presentation that feels grounded and organic. One of the most noteworthy features of this template is its use of various shades of blue and green. Since both of these colors are associated with calm, trustworthy emotions, you’ll effortlessly be able to evoke those feelings in your presentation. The colors alternate between richly saturated tones for confidence and light pastels to keep the template clean and simple. An ample use of white spice throughout the template also ensures that your message remains clear and easy to follow.

The Blue Light Green Clean and Simple Presentation Pitch Deck template is also incredibly user-friendly. In addition to being compatible with both PowerPoint and Keynote, it’s fully customizable. With this template, you won’t have to waste any time building slides from the ground up. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy over 20 individual slides that are packed with graphics, charts, and images that you can also tailor to your organization’s specific needs. These slides range from a market size, competitor analysis, acquisition strategy, pricing model, executive summary, objectives, and so much more.

For a tailored template that you can use again and again, start a free 7-day trial with Infografolio and set to work with the Blue Light Green Clean and Simple Presentation Pitch Deck template. The trial will also let you browse through all of our free pitch deck PowerPoint templates and free Google Slides templates.