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What is an Infographic? Examples and Free Templates

Infographics are a hugely successful means of illustrating data in an accessible manner by utilizing visuals, text and graphics. For years they have been utilized to convert complex subjects into simpler concepts that everyone can comprehend.

Infographics are a powerful marketing tool, making them invaluable for campaigns, educational content and news stories. Explaining a complex subject or imparting basic facts can be done swiftly and effectively with an infographic. It's the perfect way to get your message across quickly and clearly.

Lots of brands use infographics (more than 65%!) for marketing. They’re very effective at engaging readers and driving social media shares. Infographics are also great for SEO, content marketing and link building. Below, we’ll discuss why infographics are valuable, and share some examples and free templates for you to use.

What Is An Infographic?

Infographics are the perfect way to neatly package data in a visually stimulating manner, enabling readers to quickly and easily comprehend even the most intricate topics. They offer an engaging approach that will capture attention while helping us make sense of complexities with ease!

Infographics are a fantastic way to communicate stories, teach complex topics, or display research discoveries in an uncomplicated method. Instead of overwhelming your reader with dense text blocks, infographics can convey large amounts of information swiftly and effortlessly.

With a mix of visuals, words, and numbers, you can generate remarkable graphics that are sure to captivate your audience and leave them with an indelible impression.

Why Is It Important To Use Infographics?

Are you uncertain why infographics are worth the effort?There are numerous advantages for businesses and organizations when using infographics. Here is a glimpse of some of the amazing benefits:

Engagement & Retention 

Infographics are an excellent way to take data and make it more digestible, while also making sure readers remember the information. Research shows that people tend to retain information from infographics better than those conveyed through text alone. Additionally, users remain on pages with infographics longer than without them - leading to greater user engagement and prompting actionable steps for viewers!

Simplification & Understanding 

Infographics are a powerful tool to help simplify otherwise difficult concepts and make them easier for readers to grasp. Rather than relying solely on text or numbers, by displaying data visually it can be more easily interpreted in an instant! This is especially true when dealing with topics that involve numbers and statistics; visuals can help make these types of concepts more approachable and digestible for readers. 

Shareability & Reach 

Infographics are a fantastic way to increase your online viewership from social media outlets and other platforms. They have an incredible potential for going viral, thus projecting you to a much bigger audience than by means of traditional content alone. Furthermore, infographics are designed in such as way that they stand out among the sea of information on the web – helping draw attention to both your site and business!  

How To Create An Infographic

Here are three steps to create your own infographic:

  • Before you start building, brainstorm topics and research. Find interesting data points or statistics that will be useful to include in the design.
  • Now the fun part: layout and design! Choose colors, fonts, and images that will bring your infographic to life; pictures are worth a thousand words, after all!
  • Finally, check for errors – grammar and spelling mistakes can be a real downer. After that – voilà! You have an awesome infographic ready to share with the world.

Want an easier alternative to creating an infographic? Check out our selection of customizable infographic templates – they make creating high-quality graphics a breeze.

How To Quickly Create A High-Quality Infographic

Have you been spending hours at a time making your own infographics? Forget about it! Infografolio is here to save the day. Our expansive library of infographic templates for Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides makes it easier than ever to level up your presentations without a design degree. Now you can create eye-catching visuals with minimal effort!

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The Top 5 Free Infographic Templates

If you're looking for an easy way to enhance your presentations, look no further! We've compiled our top 5 free infographic templates that will make a powerful impact. From Illustrator to Powerpoint and even Keynote or Google Slides versions, these templates offer the perfect fit for any of your needs.

1) Small Business Infographic Template - If you're trying to make an impactful impression with a professional presentation, this template is the ideal solution. It's perfect for any business-related projects and will no doubt leave your audience in awe.

Business Infographics V5-Business-Powerpoint-Keynote-Google-Slides-Adobe-Illustrator-Infografolio

Download this template

2) Social Media Infographic Template - Take your social media campaigns to the next level with this template. It'll make visualizing, assessing and demonstrating progress simple - allowing you to show colleagues and clients just how successful they are!

Social Media Infographics V2-Social Media-Powerpoint-Keynote-Google-Slides-Adobe-Illustrator-Infografolio

Download this template

3) Education Infographic Template - If you want to display your data in an eye-catching and imaginative manner, this template is perfect for teachers or students!

Education Infographics V14-Education-Powerpoint-Keynote-Google-Slides-Adobe-Illustrator-Infografolio

Download this template

4) Health & Wellness Infographic Template - Ideal for those wishing to effectively communicate health-related topics and research in a straightforward fashion.

Health-Infographics Infographics Circulatory System Health Infographic Template powerpoint-template keynote-template google-slides-template infographic-template

Download this template

5) Travel Infographic Template - With this stunningly visual product, capture your journey or display a dream destination in the most perfect way possible.

Roadmap Infographics V7-Roadmap-Powerpoint-Keynote-Google-Slides-Adobe-Illustrator-Infografolio

Download this template


Infographics can be useful for sharing information and getting people interested. They're perfect for making complicated topics easier to understand, making information more memorable, and getting more people to see it. You can find free infographic templates on the internet to save time.

To make your life even easier, Infografolio features a comprehensive library of eye-catching infographic templates for Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides. With Infografolio, you can quickly create high-quality graphics with no design experience necessary!

FAQ About Infographics

Where can I get free infographics?

You can find a variety of free infographic templates online, such as those offered by Infografolio.

What software do I need to create an infographic?

If you're looking to create basic infographics, no specialized software is necessary. But if your designs are more intricate or complex, investing in a program like Adobe Illustrator or another vector graphics tool may well be worth it.

What are the benefits of creating an infographic?

Crafting an infographic is a great way to make complex topics easier to understand, engage users and boost reach. Infographics are also powerful marketing tools since they often go viral on social media platforms. Not only that, but infographics can help readers remember data better too!

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